Admin December 14, 2017

Ontario adolescents are drinking, smoking and using cannabis and other recreational drugs at the lowest rates since the late 1970s, suggests a biennial survey of Grade 7 to 12 students by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. But the 2017 survey released Thursday turned up a disturbing finding: almost one per cent of respondents […]

Admin December 4, 2017

The World Health Organization said on Monday it hoped to conduct a full review by the end of the year of a dengue vaccine that was suspended last week in the Philippines.   The Philippines also ordered an investigation on Monday. On Friday, the department of health halted its dengue immunization program after the manufacturer, French drug company Sanofi Pasteur, announced the […]

Admin September 30, 2017

It’s flu shot time, and health officials are bracing for a potentially miserable fall and winter. The Southern Hemisphere, especially Australia, was hit hard over the past few months with a flu strain that’s notorious for causing severe illness, especially in seniors. And in the U.S., small clusters of that H3N2 flu already are popping up. “We […]

Admin September 2, 2017

A nationwide recall for Shore Lunch brand fish breading/batter mix was issued Friday due to possible salmonella contamination. The recall applies to the brand’s original recipe and Cajun-style flavours. According to a notice from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, anyone who thinks they’ve become sick from eating the product should contact their doctor. The release says […]

Admin September 2, 2017

Veterans who use medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder are having to go outside the network of clinics sanctioned by Veterans Affairs to get the drug due to concerns by doctors at the clinics about its effectiveness. The last operational stress injury clinic to prescribe medical marijuana to former soldiers stopped doing so in […]

Admin June 24, 2017

Thousands of residents in a sprawling northwest London housing estate were forced to leave their apartments late Friday after fire checks carried out in the wake of the deadly Grenfell Tower blaze found the buildings to be unsafe. Residents clutching children, pets and small amounts of clothing and food emerged from five tower blocks to sleep on […]

Admin June 24, 2017

Residents of a public housing complex that is being evacuated in north London because of fire safety concerns say they are both angry and frightened about being forced from their homes. Shirley Philips, who lives in one of the evacuated buildings, told British broadcaster Sky News she was given no notice before she was asked […]

Admin June 16, 2017

Within view of the silent, gutted hulk of London’s Grenfell Tower, a neglected community was unusually congested with visitors. They came from as far away as Leeds and Birmingham, and from all across the city and also from up the street, all carrying or dragging something. A man strides up, his arms full of boxes of instant oatmeal. An […]