Admin October 5, 2017

The rumours began in the summer. At first, just vague mumblings out of the annual BioSteel Camp, where NHL players hit the ice and the weight room before official training season starts in September. Some reporters found themselves wondering if Connor McDavid didn’t look, if possible, faster than he had been last season. The first thought on […]

Admin May 8, 2017

Former acting attorney general Sally Yates, speaking publicly for the first time about concerns she brought to the Trump White House on Russia, told Congress on Monday she warned the new administration that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn “essentially could be blackmailed” because he apparently had lied to his bosses about his contacts with the […]

Admin October 19, 2016

Changes to the compensation model for doctors included in the new deal reached between the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and the province could be revolutionary, according to a health┬ácare policy expert. Alberta doctors voted 74 per cent in favour of a set of amendments to the existing 2011-18 master agreement that will change elements of […]