Admin October 1, 2017

Almost 40 years after their first kiss, Karl and Bodo are getting hitched. The two civil servants from Berlin are expected to become the first gay couple to tie the knot in Germany when a law allowing same-sex marriages takes effect Sunday. Until now, gay and lesbian couples in Germany only were able to enter […]

Admin September 26, 2017

Former NHL player Georges Laraque says it is embarrassing that the Pittsburgh Penguins are willing to visit the White House. The retired enforcer said Monday that hockey showed its conservative face while National Football League and National Basketball Association players and teams took heat from President Donald Trump over the weekend on the issue of kneeling during […]

Admin December 31, 2016

It was one of the most brilliant geopolitical chess moves in over a decade, and it involved doing nothing, according to Eurasia senior analyst Lauren Goodrich. An expert on Russian politics at the intelligence firm Stratfor, Goodrich was referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s response, or lack thereof, to the recent sanctions imposed on his country by U.S. President Barack Obama,  […]