Admin October 20, 2016

The long wait for details on Nintendo’s next console is finally over. The upcoming Switch (previously known as the Nintendo NX) was officially announced today with a three-minute gameplay video that focused on the system’s portability, upcoming game library, and its flexibility. From portable play to multiplayer matches in games like Splatoon, the Nintendo Switch […]

Admin October 19, 2016

The PlayStation VR ($ 399) has been out in the wild for about a week now, and I’ve been busy giving it a thorough workout. Since my headset arrived last Thursday, I’ve spent countless hours fixing cars, golfing, defusing bombs, and leaning perilously over the virtual abyss. With a few days of VR exploration under […]

Admin October 18, 2016

Nvidia will launch its GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 next week, pushing its 14nm Pascal hardware into lower price points and presumably offering some tough competition for AMD’s Polaris family. The GTX 1050 Ti will be a 768-core card, with 4GB of RAM, a 128-bit memory interface, 48 texture units, and 32 ROPS, while […]

Admin October 17, 2016

Ever since HTC and Oculus launched their respective headsets earlier this year, people have wondered which company had shipped more units and how the VR market was evolving as a whole. The Vive took an early lead over the Rift, thanks to unexplained component shortages that took several months for the Facebook subsidiary to iron out. […]

Admin October 17, 2016

Game streaming has been a major focus for multiple companies over the past few years, with new devices (or new capabilities for existing hardware) arriving from Microsoft, Nvidia, Sony, and Valve. Companies like Samsung, which lack any kind of game library, are getting in on the action from a different direction and baking support for […]

Admin October 17, 2016

If you were worried about Sony’s walled garden limiting your enjoyment of the PlayStation VR, you can breathe easy now. Sony just pushed an update to the PS4’s Media Player app, and the new features it brings will undoubtedly make the PSVR much more appealing to some of us. In a post on the European […]